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The necessities of war compelled the faculties to adapt to ensure the continuity of their teaching service. Depending on the institution, the staff and students were variously affected by the mobilization in 1914 ; over the long duration of the war, they suffered all the rigors of time. The opening and maintenance of the premises (amphitheaters and library) makes it necessary to deal with the imposed budgets. The organization of the courses must also be reviewed, both to replace the mobilized teachers, and to adapt the content of the lessons to legal developments caused by the war. When scientific and academic ties with Germany were severed, the faculties looked to their allies for new connections.

Faculties in war

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International relations

Before the war, law schools kept relations with universities in different countries of the world. Intellectual reconciliations and confrontations were playing out within this burgeoning scientific sphere. Naturally, universities and their faculties were becoming part of international relations and often constituted an ideological breeding ground for political action. The documents in this section highlight the diplomatic aspect of their fight during the war : a propaganda mission aimed at winning the support of foreign intellectual elites.




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