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Institutions in the face of history

15 June 20239 November 2023 Des facultés sur le front du droitInstitutions in the face of History The Toulouse Faculty of Law in the war On June 9, 1929, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 700th anniversary of the creation of the University of Toulouse, law historian Joseph Declareuil (1863-1938) recounted the history of the institution. He mentioned “twenty generations of masters and students who successively appeared, thought, acted, fought to acquire knowledge, then vanished under the veil of the fleeting time” and proposed to “draw some lessons from this great past”. Unwinding the thread of the long history of the Studium Tolosanum, he focused little on the law school during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He quickly alludes to newpour lire la suite…


Institutions and their history

15 June 20239 November 2023 Des facultés sur le front du droitInstitutions and their history Toulouse and Paris  : the ties of competing law schools Paris and Toulouse are the two most important law schools in France. Throughout the 19th century, they dominated the French academic landscape, notably by their attractiveness, their enrollment numbers and the degrees they awarded. They and a dozen other legal faculties on the territory created by Napoleon from as early as 1804 shared the same professionalization objective  : they organized examinations and delivered the titles necessary for the practice of legal and judicial professions (magistrates, lawyers, teachers, etc.) to children of the most privileged classes. Everywhere, education was focused on civil law, Roman law and procedural law. Little to no provision waspour lire la suite…


Institutions in the Great War

In France and abroad, all the components of higher education were caught up in the war. Old or recent, French or foreign, their daily lives were permanently disrupted. The human and practical impact of mobilization being felt in various ways, depending in particular on whether they were in a non-occupied or occupied area (Lille, Belgium), how did law schools (and their libraries, which with the Third Republic in France became the support of the scientific mission that the faculties must also fulfill) adapt to the new context sparked by the Great War ? Where and how was law taught ? How were the faculties reorganized ? How did they function on a daily basis ? What were the forms of their involvement in the war effort ? Institutions and theirpour lire la suite…