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Engaged in a battle of the law during the conflict, jurists also took part in the reflections needed to establish a return to peace and its maintenance, which they believed would be lasting. Their expertise was sought at various conferences. In particular, they contributed to the debate on the Kaiser’s responsibilities and considered the renewal of international law in the context of a new organisation of international relations.

Memoir on the responsibility of Wilhelm II

Peace conferences and the Treaty of Versailles



«  [Traité de Versailles]  », Images de la guerre 1914-1918, Documentaire Pathé, 1956 (prise de vue 1914 à 1918).

Source Gaumont Pathé Archives, référence CP 77.

Edited in the 1950s with footage shot in 1919, this video looks back at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, showing the key figures David Lloyd George (United Kingdom), Vittorio Orlando (Italy), Georges Clemenceau (France) and Thomas W. Wilson (United States), the four main negotiators, and the document signed.


Impacts in the post-war period